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Military Energy Gum Peppermint (High Caffeine)

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Military Energy Gum formerly known as Stay Alert Energy Gum!

*High Caffeine Content* 100mg Caffeine per Piece (Almost as much as a can of Red Bull!)

Created by The Walter Reed Institute of Army Research for military use; Military Energy Gum has been clinically proven to increase physical and cognitive performance as well as improve overall vigilance.

Chewing for just 5 minutes leaches 85% of caffeine from the gum, which is absorbed through the oral tissue directly into the bloodstream. Compare this to energy drinks and snacks, where caffeine absorption takes a whopping 45 minutes to reach its peak concentration. Caffeinated gum is also lightweight, compact and very convenient to transport.

Military Energy Gum packs an astounding 100mg of caffeine into each piece, so just one is enough to keep you going for a substantial period.

This caffeinated gum has a refreshing peppermint flavour. 

This Spearmint Energy Gum packs a punch, so use with care; not for the faint hearted!

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