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Arnott's Tim Tam Original (200g)

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Go anywhere in Australia and you’ll feel it. That deep, raw, unbridled passion Aussies have for their Tim Tam® biscuits. That kind of love is hard to understand. Until of course, you try one. Don’t be fooled by its chocolaty, creamy, crunchy appearance though; Tim Tam® is no cookie! Sure, you can dip them in milk, leave them out for Santa, even keep them in a cookie jar, but it’s still not a cookie. Its absolute awesomeness cannot be defined.

‘The most irresistible chocolate biscuit’! Each packet contains 11 Tim Tams, each biscuit consists of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit sandwiching a light creamy chocolate filling, all coated by a thin layer of textured milk chocolate. Three types of chocolate in one biscuit is more than any chocolate lover could wish for.

Proudly Made In Australia.

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