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Coca Cola: Osaka Design Bottle (Japanese) 250ml

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Collectable Coke bottles are a big trend in Japan right now, and we have some available here on our website for you to try!

Coca Cola is releasing five new stylish designs on its slim bottles in Japan featuring landmark locations in the Niigata, Shonan, Gifu, Osaka and Hakata regions of Japan. The bottles will hit shelves on October 1 alongside the new Tokugawa bottle design being released to mark 150 years since the Fall of Edo.

Since June 2017 there have been 21 regional designs from Coca Cola so far. Made to promote the enjoyment of travelling, the designs feature symbols and iconic tourist spots from places across Japan. They are popular souvenir items as well as an addition to meals eaten during people’s travels.

 The slim bottles are stylish and hold 250ml making it a favourable drink size. Each designs will be released in souvenir shops, supermarkets and vending machines in their respective regions.

Part of our Japan food & drink range.

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