Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcakes: Limited Edition (12.7oz) - A Taste of the States

Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcakes: Limited Edition (12.7oz)

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These Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes are a limited edition twist on the classic flavors, for the celebration of Hostess' 100 Years!

This 12.7 oz box contains 8 mint chocolate flavored cupcakes. Each one is individually wrapped, so the others will stay fresh once the box is opened. The classic chocolate cake is filled with green, mint-flavored cream and topped with a thick, decadent green frosting. On top of the frosted chocolate cupcakes is the signature Hostess cupcake squiggle with white icing. They're an exciting new treat for longtime fans of Hostess.

If loving cupcakes is wrong, who wants to be right!

Each box contains 8 individually wrapped cupcakes.

Imported from the USA.

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