Jelly Belly Sours Mix (200g Gift Box)
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Jelly Belly Sours Mix (200g Gift Box)

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Get ready to pucker up! Sours Jelly Beans are mouth-wateringly, eye-wrinklingly, face-scrunchingly, lip-pursingly good. Only the tartest apple, cherry, lemon, orange and grape beans have made their way into this luxurious gold-embossed gable gift box. Guaranteed to leave a sour taste in your mouth, in the very best way.

Jelly Belly – producers of peerless Jelly Beans – was launched in the summer of 1976. That was the hottest summer in England for some 350 years. With their concentrated flavour and dazzling colours Jelly Belly’s Jelly Beans add a splash of sunshine with every handful you pop into your mouth.

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