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A Taste of the States

Jolt Cola 16oz (473ml) *High Caffeine* BB: APRIL 2019

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Jolt Cola made its debut in 1985 claiming it had "twice the caffeine of a regular cola".

Jolt years later, tried to reinvent itself as an energy drink but this version lacked the appeal and didn't last for long.

After a few years of Jolt Cola being off the market, the company is now bringing the drink back with a retro can and a slightly new formulation consisting of 160 mg of caffeine per can. The drink will be in the original can design from the 80's.

Exclusive product available now on our UK website, this is very hard to source elsewhere!

The new Jolt Cola has 3.5 times more caffeine than a 16floz Coca Cola!

Jolt should only be consumed by healthy adults only who understand their tolerance to caffeine.

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