KOOL-AID 10 Taster Pack - A Taste of the States
A Taste of the States

KOOL-AID 10 Taster Pack

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This pack contains 10 different flavoured sachets of Kool-Aid!

This mix will make approx 20 Litres of Kool Aid!

Flavours are as follows:

Tropical Punch, Mandarina-Tangerine, Strawberry Kiwi, Mango, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Sharkleberry Finn, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Strawberry, Lemon Lime

(flavours will be chosen at random and may vary depending on new stock)


How to use your KOOL-AID Sachets:

1. Pour powder into a large glass jug.

2. Add 200g of sugar or sweetener

3. Add 1.9 litres of water and , stir!

4. Add ice (optional) and ENJOY!


One sachet of Kool-Aid powdered drink mix provides a quick and easy way to make a tasty drink, with plenty to go around (each sachet fills about 8 tumblers - that's 80 servings of Kool Aid with this selection pack)! But it's also very flexible - there are 101 things you can do with a sachet of Kool-Aid such as Kool Aid ice cubes, alcoholic drink mixer,  Kool Aid slushy ice drink and Kool Aid Ice Lollies.....


*please note - if one flavour is out of stock we will replace with another random flavour. 

Imported from the USA

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