Kracie DIY Neru-Neru Nerune Grape (24g)
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Kracie DIY Neru-Neru Nerune Grape (24g)

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DIY candy is perfect for people who want to work for their food. DIY candy is famous around the internet and especially on YouTube, where people upload videos of themselves creating it. Join the Japanese candy revolution!

• DIY kit to create your own gooey whip candy with sprinkle dip
• Crazy, fantastic and fun - encourages you to play with your food!
• Includes tool, powders and mixing dish - just add water & stir
• Packet 19cm tall. Made in Japan by Kracie company
Neru Neru Nerune is a crazy and unique make-your-own candy from Kracie, the company that created the famous Popin' Cookin' kits. "Neru" is a Japanese word meaning "stir" or "knead". The instructions to make this grape flavoured gooey whipped candy are on the packaging in Japanese, but luckily the detailed diagrams make it easy to follow. After mixing the first powder with one portion of water using the included scoop, you'll produce a blue whippy substance. Adding the second powder will cause the colour to change to purple, and the candy will firm up. Now the included sugar crystal sprinkles can be poured into the tray, and the dipping can commence. Don't miss out on this crazy and fun Japanese candy adventure! Neru Neru Nerune contains milk and egg products.


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