Kracie DIY: Shuwa Shuwa Slime Soda Candy (20g) - A Taste of the States

Kracie DIY: Shuwa Shuwa Slime Soda Candy (20g)

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DIY candy is perfect for people who want to work for their food. DIY candy is famous around the internet and especially on YouTube, where people upload videos of themselves creating it. Join the Japanese candy revolution!

• DIY kit to create your own gummy "slime" with fizzy foam
• Crazy, fantastic and fun - encourages you to play with your food!
• Includes fork, powders and mixing dish - just add water
• Packet 21cm tall. Made in Japan by Kracie company

Want to eat delicious fizzy candy? Do you also want to have a fun time making your own candy? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then this might be the product for you! This simple DIY Kit lets you make your own gooey, fizzy candy 'slime', which is fun to make and delicious to eat. This DIY Kit would be a great one for beginners, as it's a lot more simple than most DIY Kits - follow the instructional video above, or if you're skilled in reading Japanese, follow the instructions! If neither of those are options for you, look at the pictorial instructions and use some intuition - you'll be able to make this 'mysterious' slime in no time at all!


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