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Crystal Pepsi 20oz (591ml) Limited Edition!

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we will not refund for any complaints regarding this date as it was stated here before purchasing- these are limited edition, one off production items, no longer being manufactured. It is physically impossible to find a bottle with a longer best before date on.


***Please allow upto 1-3 extra working days for us to dispatch your order + delivery time as we are extremely busy due to high demand ***

Crystal Pepsi is back for ONE LAST TIME! Pepsi have announced that this batch will be their very last. The last batch of Crystal Pepsi was so popular that they sold out within days.

Some of those very same bottles are still selling for upwards of £25 on eBay, even after they had passed their best before date!

This is our last chance to stock Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi is a completely clear cola drink, created over 20 years ago. After a huge surge of support from thousands of social media followers, Pepsi have bought back this unique drink for one last time.

These bottles have a best before date of 5th November 2018 However, these bottles are considered collectors items, and they will still sell well beyond their best before date. 



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