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A Taste of the States

Wrigley's Alert Caffeine Energy Gum (Mint) 8pc

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Wrigley's Alert Gum is back in the UK!

*High Caffeine Content* 40mg Caffeine per Piece 

Now you can chew your way to caffeinated bliss. Wrigley’s gum has released it's Alert Energy Caffeine Gum, which contains around 40 milligrams of the stimulator, or about half a cup of coffee!

Chewing for just 5 minutes leaches 85% of caffeine from the gum, which is absorbed through the oral tissue directly into the bloodstream. Compare this to energy drinks and snacks, where caffeine absorption takes a whopping 45 minutes to reach its peak concentration. Caffeinated gum is also lightweight, compact and very convenient to transport.

This caffeinated gum has a refreshing, cooling mint flavour. 

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